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Hello Colorado Irish Festival Friends,

The past few years have been challenging ones in the special events industry.   Events nationwide have been examining their goals and traditions and trying to figure out how to be the most relevant to their attendees given decreased attendance and increased event expenses.  The Colorado Irish Festival is no different. 

 The Colorado United Irish Societies (CUIS), the non-profit organization that governs the Colorado Irish Festival, has been keeping a close eye on those prevailing challenges and has determined it’s time to change.  It’s time to change how the goals and mission of the organization are implemented and fulfilled. 

In an effort to rejuvenate the event and bring new energy and support, the Colorado Irish Festival will take a “hiatus” in 2020 from the traditional event.  The CUIS board of directors will use next year to do a complete strategic review of the event and roll out a new Colorado Irish Festival in 2021.  In the meantime, CUIS will hold several small scale event gatherings throughout the year.  These gatherings will not only be used as recruitment tools, but also as opportunities to promote and celebrate the Irish culture and heritage.   Watch the website for ‘gathering’ information!

We thank everyone for their support these past 25 years!  And we look forward to many more years with a vibrant and robust new Colorado Irish Festival in 2021.



Jennifer Hight, Chair of the Board
Colorado United Irish Societies, Inc.

William J. O’Donnell, President
Colorado Irish Festival