Discover The Luck Of The Irish – Themed Slots

Luck of the Irish: –

It is a very famous phrase used but its origin is rooted in many sources and not a single one. It can be expressed with the help of the following terms in different sectors –

  • ‘Miners’ luck – an old mining expression
  • ‘Dumb’ luck as opposed to good fortune – an expression of bad luck
  • Originating back to the Celtic period – Leprechaun Irish luck

There are also two famous Irish luck quotes; the first being ‘wherever you go, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you’ and the second one is ‘ may the luck of the Irish lead to the happiest heights and the highway you travel be lined with green lights’

The strong origin of the term ‘luck of the Irish’ is said to be during the Gold Rush in the US when most successful miners were of Irish or Irish-American origin. The luck of the Irish is thus greeted to be the luckiest person or the most successful person.

Irish theme for slot machines

Irish Luck and the Irish Slots: –

Gambling is a game where effort and luck go hand-in-hand. It could be said without mistake that a person needs 50 percent luck to succeed in gambling along with the rest of his effort. Based on this theme, the Irish slots are introduced in the table games.

Every gambler would, once in a lifetime wish for the luck of the Irish. The gamblers in the world hope that they at least get a glimpse of Irish luck in their life. Here we discover the luck of Irish-themed slots. The Irish theme for slot machines is related to the most popular color green of Ireland which is one of the various imagery of Ireland.

Several favorite Irish themed slots are planned by the manufacturers like rolling green hills, leprechauns, fairies, or four-leaf clovers.

By far, Irish people are associated with luck because of the incidences in history and they are known to be the happy-go-lucky in the world. Though Ireland as a country is small, its personality is big. Despite generations of unrest because of oppression, invasions, feminism, and civil wars, the country has come above these issues and risen as the most accompanying and friendly people you would hardly meet in the world.

When the best Irish themed slot machines are planned, they are designed to make everyone feel positive. The games using this theme are Pot O’ Gold, Irish Eyes 2, Golden Shamrock, Emerald Isle, and Shamrock Isle.

The world-famous phrase ‘the luck of the Irish’ plays a very important role while one is at a casino table or playing online. The games revolving around this theme are several and wishful.