We at coloradoirishfestival.com are doing our best to help our readers get the most entertainment and quality time out of gaming. However, we feel that we have a responsibility to remind our users on how to spot potential problems within their own behaviour.

Developing a gambling addiction is never acceptable. If you notice any of the following, we will advise you to stop and reconsider your own gaming:

  • You find yourself spending too much time playing.
  • You play for money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • You do not quit when you are ahead.
  • You take loans in order to continue playing.
  • You are playing to recover from losses.
  • Gaming starts to become more important to you than family and friends.
  • You find yourself having to raise the stakes in order to get excited.

Why Colorado Irish Festival promotes Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gambling is bigger of a topic than ever before. And, according to us, we couldn’t have reached this point any sooner. We at Colorado Irish Festival hold responsible gambling measures of such importance that we’ve even added the factor to our CasinoRanking Algorithm. We’re the only ones who consider responsible gambling measures when ranking casinos. It’s 1 of the 7 factors of an online casino that we consider in our rankings. In fact, a casino needs to have 7 measures to receive a full score on the Responsible Gambling aspect.

For an online casino to receive a 5-star rating on Responsible Gambling it has to offer the following measures:

  • Direct link to a help organization
  • Financial limits
  • Online transaction history
  • Self-assessment test
  • Time-out period
  • Self-exclusion
  • Reality-check reminder

As you can imagine, there aren’t too many casinos online that we award with 5 stars for taking active measures towards responsible gambling.

How to prevent a gambling problem from developing?

We always recommend setting game limits using the casino’s internal tools. In addition, consider educating yourself with useful data we’ve collected to better understand the future of responsible gambling.

If you run into gaming problems, there is help available all over the world. Players struggling with gaming problems, or even their loved ones, are able to contact many different options in English. All provide information, help, and support.

Bonus Abuse

Some casino bonuses offer huge amounts of bonus money or free spins. As human conditioning goes, every once in a while there will be someone who’ll try to take advantage of the system, even if they don’t have the right to do so. It’s even possible for someone to abuse a bonus without knowing it. That’s why it’s always important to be fully aware of the bonus terms and conditions. It prevents bonus abuse, and you’re always aware of the rules, restrictions, obligations, as well as the T’s & C’s.

Abusing a bonus may lead to the cancelling of the bonus, as well as some or all your winnings. In some cases, it even results in a ban from the whole casino, and most likely from all its sister casinos as well.

Some common ways of bonus abusing are, for example, redeeming several welcome bonuses from one casino to the same household. We want to underline that this is something players should never do, and online casinos will notice this type of abuse very fast if the same person has created more than one account on the same online casino. Many times, online casinos state that the welcome bonuses are meant for only one person per household or IP-address. This means that if a family member living in the same house plays on the same online casino, it is not possible to redeem two first deposit bonuses from this online casino, even though there would be two different persons playing. It’s also good to know that, sometimes, bonus offers are specific to certain countries and that these bonuses cannot be redeemed abroad.