Pet Policy



The Colorado Irish Festival maintains a policy that does not permit any pets on the Festival grounds, excluding services dogs. This policy is enforced out of respect and safety for the animals. The Festival hosts more than 20,000 visitors over the course of the weekend. The size of these crowds can prove a threat to safety of pets. Furthermore, the nature of some of the events held on the grounds requires due caution to prevent possible injury to the animals.

The Colorado Irish Festival encourages visitors to the Festival to make prior arrangements to ensure proper care is given to their pets while attending the Festival. The Colorado Irish Festival in no way whatsoever wishes to encourage or support leaving pets unattended in parked cars, regardless as to whether a window may be open. To encourage the safe and proper care of these animals, we are providing is a list of local kennels that pet owners may choose to contact. Please visit this page to ensure that you are able to provide the documentation necessary for keeping your pet at a given location.

Only service dogs will be permitted in the festival.