Irish Sports

Presented by The Denver Gaels, Irish sports of Hurling, Camogie and Gaelic football are showcased at the Colorado Irish Festival. Local area teams will play each other to demonstrate these energetic games.

The Denver Gaels adult teams play recreationally in Denver.  They also play competitively in regional and national tournaments. The Gaels are a vibrant community with over 100 players and members.  They welcome new players of all experience levels throughout the year.  Go to Denver Gaels for more information on how to get involved.

Due to the timing of the 1st annual Southwest Invitational GAA Tournament in Denver on July 22/23, there will be limited games at this year’s Colorado Irish Festival.


2017 Game Schedules – Saturday, July 15

Team 1 Team 2
10 am Hurling
The Regulators
11 am Hurling
Fainting Goats
12:30pm Football
Gaels Red
Gaels Blue
2:30pm Football
Gaels Youth
Gaels Youth

denver-gaelsGaelic Football | Men’s & Women’s Teams

Gaelic Football is a fast-paced team sport that combines the physicality of Basketball, with the finesse of Soccer. In America, they typically play with teams of 13 on a side and on a field that is slightly bigger than a Soccer pitch. The goalposts are H-Shaped and points are scored by kicking the ball over the bar for one point, or into the goal for three points.

Denver began playing competitive Gaelic Football in 1996. In 2000, they won their first National Championship in the Junior B Division. With the game growing ever stronger in America, they have worked hard to get back to glory. Last year they made great strides, winning the Shield in the Junior C Division.

For more information, visit Denver Gaels Men’s Football.


Men’s Hurling and Women’s Camogie

Hurling is an ancient Irish sport that predates written history and remains the national sport of Ireland to this day. It has elements of hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. Camogie is the ladies version of hurling, the rules are almost identical but less physical contact is permitted. Like football, Hurling has H-Shaped goalposts, and points are scored by hitting the ball over the bar for one point, or into the goal for three points.

The Denver Gaels brought Hurling and Camogie to Denver in 2004, and after a few years building their team, they won the North American Junior C championship. In the 2010, they reached another milestone in their history – finishing 2nd in the North American Junior B championship.