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Entertainer Submissions

The Colorado Irish Festival will be on hiatus in 2020.  Generally however, the event will start booking entertainment in September for the following year’s festival and tries to complete the booking process by the middle of January.

Artists should submit materials to

Please understand that the Colorado Irish Festival receives scores of applications each year to perform at the festival. We book 15-20 bands on average. Since the festival’s inception, we have made it a policy to promote our local musicians and dancers, and of course there are many more of those groups now. We rarely book acts that we are not very familiar with or have not seen at concerts, other festivals, showcases, or conferences, but there is always a chance that an unsolicited application will result in a booking.

Send a media packet with CD to:
Colorado Irish Festival
P.O. Box 621952
Littleton, CO  80162-1952